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Compare models of Apihelper

For better overview, we have prepared a table to compare the features of the two different models of Apihelper, an indispensable machine assistant in beekeeping. For both models we put the most emphasis on the quality of production (build-to-last philosophy). The models differentiate by the way you use the lift – turn the mechanical handle or press the button on the drilling machine (which could be detached and used as a drilling machine for DIY home jobs).


  Apihelfer BASIC

Apihelfer PRO

Price 545 EUR 635 EUR
Material used and refinement Powder coated steel Powder coated steel
Lifting method Mechanical handle

(by pressing a button)

Safety mechanism to guard from sudden drop of the lift
Drilling machine (detachable) with fast-charging battery 
Max. weight   220 lbs  220 lbs 
Big pneumatic wheels for bumpy terrain 16'' powder coated 16'' powder coated
Change position of pneumatic wheels (wide or narrow)
Suitable for any type of bee hive
Easily wraps up and fits into a car
Steel rods for upgrade to forklift included
Full weight of the machine 29 kg 30 kg
Warranty on all main parts 2 years 2 years
100% Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked) 14 days 14 days


 (Delivery: ExW Kočevje, Slovenia)

2-years warranty

on all parts

100% Safe Payment

100% Money Back


EU Quality

Made in Slovenia

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