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Apihelper - Hive lift trolley





No more back pain from hive lifting.

Lifting of up to 250 lbs

And at the same time beekeeper needs to use only one-tenth of the force.

Used for any bee hive standard (LR, DB, UK national, Alpine…)

Lifting and moving the beehives becomes a simple task. Apihelper is specially designed for stability when used on rough (uneven) terrain.


Many Advantages

  • Get every hive job done much faster
  • Moving the hives becomes quick and simple – also on bumpy terrain
  • No more hurting your back
  • Staying a beekeeper despite the injury, illness or high age
  • Always with you – fits into a car
  • By installing the forks, you get a universal transporting machine

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Inspection simplified

Lifted hive bodies simply »rest« on the Apihelper. In the meantime we do the colony inspection.



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